View Full Version : ExtJS 4.2 pie chart is not rendering some small value slices

7 Oct 2013, 5:07 AM

I am using ExtJs 4.2 version.
I have pie chart. There are some slices having different different values.
Some slices are having large values compared to other slices.

when I draw it, some slices having small values doesn't render.

Please refer screenshot.


Amd when I hide first slice which is green color by legend togelling. then that green big value slice hides and then those small values gets displayed which were not earlier.

Please refer screen shot.


Please let me know if this is bug in EXTJS.


Gary Schlosberg
10 Oct 2013, 2:49 PM
It's hard to say whether this would be considered a bug. Clearly not all pieces are being displayed, but it would seem that the engine has reached a limit in space to render the pieces that need to go there. Put another way, it renders pieces in order from largest to smallest. When it gets to the '1' values it is making a decision that there isn't enough room to render them. The test case, after all, is dividing the pie into 870 parts, and the slivers that are only one of those parts are very narrow even at the large size you chose. If you bump the largest (green section) up to 800, the '2' values drop off into the blank area as well. I suppose then that it's up to the developer to avoid pushing too much data to the chart.