View Full Version : some question about buy ExtJs

17 Oct 2013, 6:25 PM
first I am from China, A 7 people CMS software Team, my team is just start, all of us is just graduate (http://dict.youdao.com/w/graduate/) from college, CMS is not ready for release, Starting a Business in China is very very difficult, pirate (http://dict.youdao.com/w/pirate/) is everywhere , but I want support sencha, so I want buy ExtJs license, could I buy license from sencha direct, not from China proxy? because sencha license is $595, but if I buy from Proxy they sell license require $800, 200 dollar more, so can you give me some way to buy sencha license directly in China ? at end , thinks sencha Team very much.

Gary Schlosberg
19 Oct 2013, 10:23 AM
You might get some information from the licensing page:

If you need more, you will get the best information from sales@sencha.com or by using the contact form: