View Full Version : ExtJs 4.1 grid's grouping feature enabling and disabling issue

20 Nov 2013, 1:17 AM
Hi All,
I am using ExtJs 4.1. My application is having two grid. Both the grid have grouping feature (I am using two unique Grouping feature). Both the grids are using single store. Each grid is having two button used to enable and disable the grouping feature. All this is working fine.
Problem: When I disable grouping feature in one grid and open second grid, the grouping feature in second grid also gets disabled even though the grids & grouping features are different. I am not sure what is the reason for this behavior.
Please use this link http://jsfiddle.net/webfriend13/yb3SZ/3/ to reproduce the issue and see the code.

Gary Schlosberg
21 Nov 2013, 2:15 PM
My understanding is that grouping is applied to the store, so the behavior is probably expected.