View Full Version : re-making my grid 4 times (Proxy Bug)?

23 Nov 2013, 9:41 AM
i have a grid linking with a store, and i realized when i put select store to none, and run my app everything is working in my web browser
but when i link my grid with the store, an error rise in the firebug and nothing is shown in
my browser,this is the error:

TypeError: c is undefined ext-all.js (línea 21)


as important note, i'm using sencha architec 3, extjs 4.2.1 and i realized too, that in my store proxy
appears: Please make sure that the URL you set for your proxy is either local, or similar to the URL you set in your projects settings.
reading in the forum i found this is a bug:


{ read: "controller_getImagenes/readImagenes" }
i tested my url proxy with sencha touch 2.3 and works perfectly. (:|

24 Nov 2013, 2:50 AM
you should replace ext-all.js with ext-all-debug.js. that way you might get a better idea of where exactly the error occurs and you can also debug using Firebug in Firefox of developer tools in Chrome (press F12).