View Full Version : Web application in Handheld device

16 Dec 2013, 7:51 AM
We have a Sencha Architect 2.3 with Ext JS licence copy.
Is it possible to develop a simple web application for hand held device Motorola ModeL MC9190 with this copy?

Or do i need to buy Sencha Touch Bundle to support this device?

16 Dec 2013, 3:46 PM
It shows this device uses WinCE? I do not believe this is supported.

17 Dec 2013, 12:18 AM
Yes scott. It is Win CE OS. Thanks for confirming.

But we need to develop a web application for this model.
Is there any plan to support Windows CE in future? If so, what may be the approximate ETA?

Also, i need to know that will you support Windows Mobile 6.5 OS?

17 Dec 2013, 4:45 AM
Not that I am aware of. You will most likely need to find a supported SDK.