View Full Version : How to organize ExtJS sources in a Java/Scala application? What to check in?

23 Dec 2013, 8:37 AM

I'm working on a Scala/Spray based system and we want to have multiple Scala packages, each with its own ExtJS web UI.

I tried running "sencha generate" to generate the standard ExtJS application layout, but the result contains over 5000 files, which seems like overkill and something I may not want to check into GitHub.

For now, I added a dependency on org.webjars.extjs (a jar file containing ExtJS, available on maven and ivy repositories). However, it is not clear how I can then use the Sencha build system to compile and optimize the javascript.

So what do people do in Java or Scala projects? Do you use the Sencha Cmd generated files and check them all in? Do you put all that in a jar file, so it can be accessed by a Java based HTTP server?

Is it possible to tell the generated Sencha build.xml file to get the ExtJS files from a jar file (the webjars version), to at least avoid having to have all that checked into Git?


Kevin Jackson
30 Dec 2013, 9:05 AM
This is outside the scope of our experience unless one of the community members have some experience with both. Hope that you will get a response from the community. As you probably discovered from a search, there doesn't seem to be much information that I was able to locate.