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13 Jan 2014, 6:33 AM
Hi all,
I am newbie on this forum. Plz somebody help me to get rid of this error. I am getting "Unable to get property 'apply' of undefined or null reference" on IE, when I try to modify a record from the grid and get a popup.

How to solve this error/how to debug this ext-all.js. I am using 4.1.3 version of extjs.

Any help will be highly appreciated:)

Gary Schlosberg
13 Jan 2014, 11:36 AM
Not really enough information to go on. It would be best if you could post some code that causes the problem. Short of that, can you describe what your code does?

12 Aug 2014, 6:07 AM
hi Gary,

we are getting same issue in our jsunit. same jsunit test is working fine on all other browser and as well on IE except IE 11 .

jsunit code from where it gives error is:

var (http://ah-grok/s?defs=var&project=main) hiddenElements (http://ah-grok/s?defs=hiddenElements&project=main) = Ext (http://ah-grok/s?defs=Ext&project=main).DomQuery (http://ah-grok/s?defs=DomQuery&project=main).select (http://ah-grok/s?defs=select&project=main)('input[type=hidden]', elem (http://ah-grok/s?defs=elem&project=main));below is the stack trace:
Stack trace follows:TypeError: Unable to get property 'select' of undefined or null reference at populateHiddenDefaultValueVar (file:///L:/XXXXX/codebase/netmarkets/javascript/components/multivalueinputcomponents.js:292:3) at ABC.multiValue.initialize (file:///L:/XXXXXX/codebase/netmarkets/javascript/components/multivalueinputcomponents.js:142:3) at testShowOneMoreWithUnusedAvailable (file:///L:/XXXXXX/codebase/jsunit/netmarkets/javascript/components/multivalueinputcomponentsTest.html?cacheBuster=1406796944960:98:5) at JsUnitTestManager.prototype.executeTestFunction (file:///L:/XXXXXXX/codebase/jsunit/app/jsUnitTestManager.js:601:9) at JsUnitTestManager.prototype._runTest (file:///L:/XXXXXX/codebase/jsunit/app/jsUnitTestManager.js:335:5) at JsUnitTestManager.prototype.doneLoadingPage (file:///L:/XXXXXX/codebase/jsunit/app/jsUnitTestManager.js:251:9) at JsUnitTestManager.prototype._callBackWhenPageIsLoaded (file:///L:/XXXXXXX/codebase/jsunit/app/jsUnitTestManager.js:578:5) at Unknown script code (Unknown script code:1:22)