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15 Jan 2014, 9:42 PM
I am getting unwanted white space outside panel boundary.
I can resolve this problem by putting
width: null, directly in the js file.
Sencha Architect 3.0 do not allow to putting width: null from the UI
My fear is saving the page will remove the manual setting of width.
Is there a way to set this width parameter explicitly to null from UI.

I have tried layouts like fit , vbox, hbox, anchor nothing has provided a neat rendering of pages under different screen resolution and when a section of the page is collapsed.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


15 Jan 2014, 11:11 PM
Hello Swayam,
Have you tried checking the parent component properties? Just in case if there are any defaults which is imposing padding or margin on every child inside it.
Resolving your issue will be lot more easier if we get a screenshot.

16 Jan 2014, 12:00 AM
Thanks for the prompt reply.
Please find the screen shot below.

Setting width:null , in Search Organisation & Panel property in the JS file fixes the problem but the property is getting overridden by Sencha Architect 3 on saving the panel and the UI is not allowing to set the width to null.
Do not want to set width to width:NNNN, where NNNN is any integer, as this is leaving white spaces when viewed in different resolution and browser.

See the lower panel that has extended to the end of the screen when the width is set to null.

Thanks and regards

16 Jan 2014, 6:02 AM
Judging by all the scrollbars, you are over nesting your panels. Keep in mind the grid is a panel as well, so you can use it directly, adding toolbars, collapse, etc.. so there is no need to add it to other panels.

Your parent container should use 'fit' layout, and then your grid should work fine.

16 Jan 2014, 10:17 PM
Hello Swayam,
I suppose we are on two different roads, since I never used Sencha Architect. But by looking at the screenshot, if what you need is to eliminate the space between Organization and Location and Person panels, go for an HBOX with flex 0.3 each.