View Full Version : Using Extjs to build a multi window web application

10 Feb 2014, 10:41 PM

I want to build a web based application with a main page which contain a grid of data. for each selected row a contextMenu should appear depends on the selected data. I need to open the selected menu in a new window and can control whether to minimize/maximize or close that window, the same as desktop applications but the grid acts a wallpaper. each opened window and the grid are auto refreshed.
What is the best way, architecture to do that using Extjs.

M Osman

11 Feb 2014, 1:21 PM
If I understand you correctly, you could use a viewport for your main container that has a fit layout so your grid would stretch the entire size of the screen. Then on your contextmenu, open a window to display what is needed.

For the aut0-refresh, you could use Ext.util.TaskRunner to load the store on an interval.

Besides that, you would need to be more descriptive.