View Full Version : Request Connection Failure

12 Feb 2014, 5:43 AM
Hello all,

I have an odd issue. I recently moved over to a new development workstation. I migrated over from windows to mac. In doing so I had to create a new development server environment. This new environment is in a vm, it is as close to my production environment as I can get while enabling xdebug.

My problem is that my ajax requests time out on my workstation to my development server after 1m 4s even though I'm running identical code to production in the browser. In production I have the timeout set to 3000000 and the request waits for the server response as expected. In development the same code bails out after 1m 4s while the server side code keeps doing its job.

The request is triggering the failure method of the request with the "communication failure" and status 0. I have looked at every possible php and Apache setting on the two servers that I can think of.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this could be happening? I have been using this code for years now with no issues. What would cause this to behave differently? I never had this issue in windows.