View Full Version : Chart (Pie and Grid) Label issues

14 Feb 2014, 12:27 AM

i got four questions:

1. I created a Pie chart with labels. When 2 values have like 1% the labels overlap. How to fix this?
2. Is there an option to put the labels outside the pie with a line to the cut they belong?
3. I have a grid chart where i want to rotate the x-labels. I want the end of the label under the x-value. It seems kind of confusing when you have a lot of values on the x-axis and they are centered.
4. I have a view with a chart where a listener is set (itemclick on column chart). Is there another way to get access to a component ecxept then Ext.getCmp? (.up() seems not to work?)


Gary Schlosberg
14 Feb 2014, 6:47 AM
In general, I would resist the temptation to put many questions into a single forum post. As far as your pie questions, I found a bug ticket (EXTJSIV-11455) which addresses the overlap of labels on small pie sections, and it looks like it was resolved for the 4.2.3 release. Regarding placement of labels outside of wedges (callouts), those were added to the label config in 4.2.2 via EXTJSIV-8991.