View Full Version : Sencha Cmd(v5.0.0.116) build warnings/errors, not working theme after build on mobile

9 Apr 2014, 5:02 AM
Hi, I am experimenting with new Sencha cmd following the original guide: http://docs.sencha.com/ext/5.0.0/getting_started/getting_started.html

I use these commands:

$ sencha generate app -ext MyApp ./app
$ cd app
$ sencha app build

I am using build, not app watch, because of older Java (1.6) version, but that shouldn't change the built result, is it?

Anyway when building the generated app without any modifications, I get many warnings in red color:

WARNING: @theme-background-image: Theme image not found: images/button/cell-small-arrow.png
on line 18 of /var/www/securityCameraNew/build/temp/production/AdminApp/slicer-temp/../../../../../ext/packages/ext-theme-base/sass/etc/mixins/theme-background-image.scss
from line 64 of /var/www/securityCameraNew/build/temp/production/AdminApp/slicer-temp/../../../../../ext/packages/ext-theme-neutral/sass/src/button/Button_cell.scss
from line 785 of /var/www/securityCameraNew/build/temp/production/AdminApp/slicer-temp/../../../../../ext/packages/ext-theme-neutral/sass/src/button/Button.scss
from line 882 of /var/www/securityCameraNew/build/temp/production/AdminApp/slicer-temp/AdminApp-example.scss


UPDATE (this affects Neptune them too):

(If application is used BEFORE any cmd build, then it seems to work fine on Desktop and mobile phone) When build is finished, everything seems to work fine on Desktop browser, but not on mobile phone. On mobile phone I see the view for few milliseconds and then it disappears and becomes gray. Tested it with newest mobile Chrome and Firefox browsers on Android 4.4.2.

PS... all the same effects can be seen when using workspace with multipla pages.