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16 Apr 2014, 5:47 AM

Could give me some advises on best practice to put extjs app generated by Sencha cmd in SVN (or other versioning system) ?

Which files and folders may i include (app*, overrides, etc.) and which one i need to ignore (build, bootstrap.*, packages, ext ?).

Thank you in advance,

18 Apr 2014, 6:21 AM
The ones to ignore are the ones that Cmd generates which is the build directories in all levels, bootstrap files.

1 May 2014, 12:33 AM
In Cmd 5 we will be able to extract "ext" on demand during generate, build and upgrade so you can ignore "ext".

You can ignore "packages" unless you create your own in which case you can ignore those you don't create. We will probably add an option to have locally authored packages in one folder and downloaded ones in another (so it can be more easily ignored).

You need "build.xml" and the ".sencha" folder.

Beyond that, the extra stuff generated in a base app is yours to keep or discard.

If you discard the "sass" folder you will need to set "skip.sass" and probably "skip.slice" in your ".sencha/app/sencha.cfg" file.