View Full Version : [NOREPRO] Quick tips don't show on hover anymore

28 May 2014, 12:47 AM
Quick tips only show when clicked, happens in the latest Chrome (35.0.1916.114 m), it was working fine a few days ago.

Try this:

ExtJS 4.x works OK:

Latest Firefox & IE work fine..

29 May 2014, 4:06 AM
I'm using Chrome 36 and it's showing when I hover

29 May 2014, 5:34 AM
LGTM - looks good to me

Using Google Chrome Version 35.0.1916.27 beta-m

29 May 2014, 7:08 AM
We are on Chrome 35.0.1916.114 m and we're seeing the same problem, both in the local application and in the demo referenced by jaara.

29 May 2014, 10:31 PM
Hm, this might sound a bit crazy, but I've successfully reproduced this a few times on my Thinkpad X220/Win7:

- disconnect everything from my laptop, wake up from the sleep mode and re/start Chrome - can't reproduce the issue.
- connect my external USB keyboard, sleep mode + wake up + restart Chrome (not just a tab) - can reproduce the issue.

I've basically noticed it's working on my disconnected laptop and then experimented a bit.

Sounds like a lower level issue, Ext 4.X works fine so maybe something with the event delegation/bubbling in 5.X?

I'm glad that adeitloff has reproduced this as well, would be interesting if he can try this scenario..

Let me know if you need more details around drivers etc.

27 May 2015, 2:53 PM
This bug appears to still be in issue in ExtJs 5.1.0 (and 5.1.1). Are plans to fix it?

I'm finding that the tips will appear after clicking on the element, but not on hover. For example: http://dev.sencha.com/ext/5.1.0/examples/qtips/qtips.html

This does not work in Chrome "43.0.2357.81 m" or IE "11.0". It does work in Fire Fox "37.0.2". (running Windows 8.1)

10 Jun 2015, 2:07 PM
Tool tips really are not working correctly. Is anybody else having issues with tool tips, or is it just me? Are there any work arounds?

15 Jun 2015, 8:41 AM
Must have been a browser issue. Chrome updated to version 43.0.2357.124 m and tips are working again. :)

15 Jun 2015, 9:36 AM
Running 43.0.2357.124 m here and I still have the issue. Are you on Windows 8.1? Seems from past discussion that this issue only happens on Windows 8.1. Would love a work-around or fix if anyone's got it. This is a huge pain in our application.

15 Jun 2015, 12:31 PM
I take that back. After rebooting, the tips are back to the same broken behavior as before. What's interesting though, is that I noticed before when it was working in Chrome, it was also working in IE. Now tips are not working in either browsers again. So the problem must have something to do with Windows 8.1, but I have no idea what the problem could possibly be.
Is anybody else having issues with Windows 8.1?

16 Jun 2015, 9:54 AM
The tool tips issue is part of a bigger problem with touch enabled devices.