View Full Version : Ext js 4.0 Grid Panel Issue in IE

13 Jun 2014, 7:14 AM
I am using Ext js Grid Pnael with checkBox Selection Model.While i am increasing the size of some column by mouse,then some columns are not visible(they are getting truncated), and columns are visible only when i am decresing the extra width of the column(which is ok for me).

However lets say i increased the size of the column, (some columns get truncated depending on the available width in the view) then when i am selecting a rcord, the same moment The Grid comes to the intial position causing position problems to the other containers(left to the Grid)

I belive this happening because of Grid is coming to original focus after cell selection.(i am using cellClick event for handling selection of Grid Data).

How to prevent the Grid to disturb the layout of other components(or how to prevent the grid to come to its original column configuartion),so that only when the User will reduce the size of the increased column the truncated cells will appear.

Please note that the issue is only in IE, it is working fine in Chrome.

Gary Schlosberg
13 Jun 2014, 11:08 AM
Are you able to test your grid against a more recent version like 4.2.1? Even 4.0.7 had a number of issues if memory server. If that doesn't change things, posting some is very helpful.