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17 Jul 2014, 10:41 PM
hi there,
i played a bit with themebuilder and made some hue-recoloring tool that changes the standard neptune.theme to something with our brand colors to be used by themer - got my .jar done and it looks nice.
so far, so good.

with 3.0.x we used to override given styles of the gxt gray theme with our own, brandcolor-styled ones (well, that was a lot of work...).
a grey.theme theme that could be edited and used by the themer would really fix all the issues with "we added a gxt-widget there we never used before... so it wasnt brandcolor-styled yet - override this style with ours... and so on" in one go.

now i looked into the examples.. searched for any blue.theme/gray.theme... even in the gxt.jar..
doesnt seem there is one.

so my question here:
is there any way to get all the gxt gray-theme properties tidily in a *.theme-file?
or is there already one that i did miss?
thanks in advance :)

9 Mar 2015, 6:44 AM

In our company we've also used the gray-theme as basis for our application, adapting some styles by overriding CSS classes partially, since GXT 2.2.5.

We're using GXT 2.2.5 and 3.0.1 in parallel, going to migrate the application step.by-step.
Since I've read about the theme builder available in GXT 3.1.1 I've started with the upgrade immediately, but it was a body blow when noticing that there's only the Neptune theme available as .theme-file.
It would be such a high effort adapting the theme to get a useful basis that we decided to not making use of it. Instead, we use the Appearances to adapt the styles partially.
But it would have been really nice to have one .theme-file with all the styles, instead of splitting them up into all the Appearances...

So I'm voting for getting the gray.theme file provided!

Another thing:
The documentation about the .theme is a bit poor.
When we've got eg. one special button having a different color, is it possible to define this somehow in the theme?
I tried to clarify this by reading the theme builder code. Looks like the theme builder tries to load a class named as each of the elements within the .theme-file and if possible to load it, the appearances (...) are generated. But I'm not sure.
Does this mean it's possible to style special buttons by creating equally named classes and then use the name within the .theme file?

Thanks and best regards,

17 Apr 2015, 6:36 AM
Any news regarding this issue?