View Full Version : how to add and remove columns into extjs grid panel (4.2 v) without using reconfigure

31 Jul 2014, 7:28 AM
I want to add and remove columns based on the server response. I have tried with reconfigure method and it was worked fine but some client filters in my application are not working when i used with reconfigure.
After that, i tried below method

var eColumn = Ext.create('Ext.grid.column.Column', {
header: "name",
dataIndex: name,
xtype: 'checkcolumn',
flex: 1
}); grid.headerCt.insert(grid.columns.length, eColumn);

in this method check columns are not rendering in grid.

Please help me to how to add and remove columns dynamically?

Gary Schlosberg
1 Aug 2014, 1:58 PM
Mu understanding is that reconfigure() is the recommended way. Perhaps this thread will help you: