View Full Version : Footballguys rocking the app charts with Sencha Touch

7 Aug 2014, 12:37 AM
Hi guys. We developed a couple of fantasy football apps in sencha touch and are making a big splash on app stores. We've been #1 in sports on both iphone and ipad, inside the top 150 on google play and are currently hovering around the #40 overall mark on itunes for iphone/ipad paid apps. Our peak will be in a couple of weeks as most drafts happen around the end of August.

Here's a page full of demo videos showing the app working on iOS, Android, phone, tablet....


It's great building once and deploying to all these platforms. Our competition really struggles with android in particular and although a few devices don't play nice we've managed to keep awesome review scores across the board.

Thought that other sencha devs would be enthused to see some commercial success in the app stores!


7 Aug 2014, 6:52 AM
That is pretty cool (and that also reminds me as well). Thanks for sharing and I'll check it out for my fantasy drafts this year.