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11 Mar 2008, 11:00 PM

I have a Ext.nd.UIView and when I try to search I never get any results back. What could I be doing wrong?


martin meijer
13 Mar 2008, 5:13 AM
Create a fulltextindex and it will work.

13 Mar 2008, 11:04 AM
So the Ext.nd view search functionality always requires a full text index?

13 Mar 2008, 11:10 AM
Thanks for the information. Creating a full text index fixed the problem!!

13 Mar 2008, 11:13 AM
Shouldn't be necessary. The search calls an agent that performs the search using the view.FTSearch method.

Here's what Designer help says:

If the database is not full-text indexed, this method works, but less efficiently. To test for an index, use the IsFTIndexed property. To create an index on a local database, use the UpdateFTIndex method.

So it should work. I'll test it out on some databases that aren't indexed to see what's going on.

21 Mar 2008, 8:38 AM
searching without an index should work it just takes muuuuch longer.. the amount of time is full depending on the amount of docs in the view..

there is a built in time out for ajax calls which defaults to 30 seconds... check firebug and see if your request stalls at 30 secs every time..

7 Apr 2008, 3:50 PM

Just got back to looking at this again. My search is not timing out, according to Firebug it is getting the following response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<error>Error in SearchView: Object variable not set---at 50</error>

The URL it is using is:

https://<server name here>/<path here>/Extnd_Beta1.nsf/extnd/2.0.1/SearchView?OpenAgent&_dc=1207611651437&db=%2FOLE%5CRequests.nsf&vw=Lookup-Shells-By-ID&query=test&count=40&start=1&random=1207611651437

Assuming the error is occuring on line 50 of the SearchView agent, then the line in question is:

lngResults = vwSearch.FTSearch(strQuery,intMax)

Any thoughts?

Fredric Berling
21 Apr 2008, 10:23 PM
I remembering having problems with views with whitespaces in the ext alpha 2. Try to rename the view in notes and/or debug the agent with print statements. Your view object would probably be empty where you are at line 50 according to the error message.

I posted the text below in another thread some time ago.. maybe this applies to your problem.

1. If You dont specify the View by name in your outline you will end up with the View ID instead of View Name in the agent. The Getview command does not work there. So always specify your views in the outline. Do not use "Other Views" entry.

2. If you do not enable Session authentication in your web site configuration you will end up running the $ext.nd.searchview agent as anonymous . No error will show on the console.

3. If you have spaces in the View name you will end up with %20 chars in view Name since Query_String Is used instead of Query_string_Encoded. Getview will fail. You cant just use Query_string_encoded instead, cause then the db name path will be faulty. I replaced like this.

strView = GetParameter("vw",docCurrent.GetItemValue("Query_S tring_decoded")(0))
instead of
strView = GetParameter("vw",strParameters)