View Full Version : How would I implement this visual grouping using a grid?

24 Sep 2014, 1:04 AM
I have exactly what I would like using a dataview right now, since the template allows to access all the records, and view and change the output HTML that is currently rendered for the view.

I would like to change to a grid as I need to use buffered rendering, the data view is very slow with thousands of records.

Best I can describe what I would like would be most similar to the message bubbles in messaging applications. Like this (http://cdn1.appleinsider.com/messages-130627-1.png).

E (http://cdn1.appleinsider.com/messages-130627-1.png)xcept, I would like all the bubbles that are the same color to just be in one bubble, and each bubble would have a header with the user that the messages in the respective bubble are from.

I have the grid working right now with a template column, except every row has the header and its own bubble as opposed to a grouped one.

Is there anyway to do this? Is there any way to intercept the HTML that is going to be rendered and just "bubble-ify" it before it is rendered?

1 Oct 2014, 10:45 PM

In the template column you have control over how the output is displayed (the HTML markup used) and can use the template config to wrap the record values in HTML.

Perhaps if you share a simplified test case at https://fiddle.sencha.com back here we can test along with you and offer feedback on the test case.