View Full Version : Grid header doesn't shown in card layout

25 Sep 2014, 5:15 AM
We are migrating our WebClient from Version 2.2.5 to 3.1 and I have to build a wizard. But i have some problems using grids in cardlayout. If i add a grid into a CardLayoutContainer, the headers will not be shown. (actually they are present in the dom but not visible because they have a size of 0px)

As a workaround, i just tried to use a TabPanel. But this is not working, too. The headers of a grid are only shown, if the grid is on the first page.

(Btw. can anyone tell me, how i can hide a tab, so that i switch to this tab only programatically?)

Next try, i add all my pages (a page is a VerticalLayoutContainer) to a HorizontalLayoutContainer and make them visible on demand. Beside the not correct working resizing, a have the same problem again. If the grid is on the first "Page" it will show the headers, as second or third headers are not visible.

Any Ideas what i have to do?