View Full Version : Mixing ext-all.css into an existing web page

22 Oct 2014, 3:51 AM
I have an existing web application which I am inserting Ext JS components into its HTML/Javascript web pages.
I have a problem with the ext-all.css file, it overrides the style of all other components already existing in the page, making my page very ugly.
Given that all my Ext JS components are rendered into specific divs inside the web page, is there a way to scope the ext-all.css file just to the specific divs?

I know the <style scoped> tag can do it, but it only works in FireFox.
Is there a solution for all browsers?

28 Oct 2014, 3:48 PM
Is it that you're mixing ExtJS components into a page with existing ExtJS components (maybe from a different framework version) and that's causing issues?
Or you're mixing ExtJS components into a page with non-Sencha content and the ExtJS stylesheet is colliding with your non-Sencha content/components?