View Full Version : Change background for collapsed gridpanel not possible

26 Oct 2014, 8:05 AM
i have a gridpanel (actually i have 3 gridpanels within a container, but like to keep it simple to describe my issue) and when i collapse the panel it leaves a white pane. Now, what i would like to do is to have an image instead of the white space that is left when the panel collapses.
I have tried all of the properties that seemed to have an influence.

collapsedCls: 'y-collapsed',
bodyCls: 'y-collapsed',
cls: 'y-collapsed',

I have checked the debugger and the html elements get the CSS but the space after collapse stays white. The only thing that changes is the background of the panel bar (from collapsedCls).
Alternatively i tried to make the white space transparent and make the underlying container visible, but that didn't work either.
Any hint or suggestion welcome.

26 Oct 2014, 5:16 PM
Stoertebeker ,
When you collapse your panel, what you are seeing is the background of the parent container. So if you want to change the background, you should change the background of that container and not the collapsed grid. Maybe providing a fiddle with your setup would be better to find a solution for your problem.