View Full Version : Combobox -> disable values based on a selection

13 Nov 2014, 11:39 AM
I have a combobox of various values and there is an option 'All'. If 'All' is selected, the user shouldn't be able to select any other value from the combox.

listeners: {
change : function(me, newVal, oldVal){
var selectVal = (newVal !== null)?newVal:oldVal;
// Don't allow user to select any other value

How to acheieve this?

13 Nov 2014, 2:31 PM
This is atemporary solution->
change: function(me, newVal, oldVal){
var tmp_values;
if((oldVal === "All") && (newVal !== null)){
tmp_values = me.getValue();
delete (tmp_values[0]);
}else if(newVal.contains("All")){

If 'All' is selected and any other value is selected, deselect All (always the first value in a combox). If multiple values are selected and 'All' is selected, remove all values and keep only 'All'