View Full Version : Buffered Store throws exception on second call to load()

4 Dec 2014, 8:46 AM
ExtJS 4.2.0

I have an infinte grid with a buffered store, using beforeprefetch event to set the parameters for the Ajax request to the database.

The automatic loading works as expected following the first call to store.load().

But then I need to be able to change the database query parameters, and issue a new store.load() call.
This time the console log shows an error on line 93619 of ext-all-debug.js (method storeHasSelected) before it completes.
Also the load event doesn't fire.
The Ajax call otherwise works and the data is fetched and displayed but the view is corrupted...columns don't line up with the headings, row heights are wrong.

At this point my workaround is to close the grid down and create a new one for a different query.

But I would like to know how to prevent the error and avoid that if possible.
Any constructive advice would be appreciated.
Thank you

4 Dec 2014, 9:51 AM
This apparently is bug EXTJS-9138.
The workaround (thanks to Peter Corcoran) is ".. by deselecting the rows on the beforerefresh event in the GridView"
That works for me.