View Full Version : Sencha cmd output ordering?

20 Jan 2015, 4:37 AM
I've got a working app when everything is in multiple javascript files - but when I try to generate a single file using sencha cmd compile page - i'm getting errors such as :

TypeError: Ext.form.field.Text is not a constructor

TypeError: Ext.QuickTips is undefined

in my generated "allclasses" output.

The problem "seems" to be - for the first one - that "Ext.window.MessageBox" is calling

me.textField = new Ext.form.field.Text({

@ line "82564" - but Ext.define for Ext.form.field.Text isnt until line 85611 ?

Any ideas ?

(Sencha Cmd v, ExtJS

Gary Schlosberg
21 Jan 2015, 12:00 PM
Does the same thing happen if you build a generic application? How are your code files organized? Any different using Cmd 5.1.0?

22 Jan 2015, 1:10 AM
I updated sencha cmd, and using cmd 5.1, it seems to work ok now ?
Problem solved ?
Or just saving up problems for the future ?

Gary Schlosberg
23 Jan 2015, 1:14 PM
I'm happy to hear it's working now. I don't see why this should be a problem in the future, so I'd choose 'problem solved'.