View Full Version : Any Sencha Development Test Site

21 Jan 2015, 7:58 AM

Im trying to get stated using PHP and Sencha.

But I cant get apache or php installed because Im missing some windows files(msvcr*.dll and msvcp*.dll) And I cant seem to get them re-installed through the windows update process. I bought the computer as a refurb and dont have any dvd's for it.

Is there any type of website that I can learn/test sencha with using php and apache? With a database?
I know that's asking for a lot, but I have no other option at this point.

Thank You

Gary Schlosberg
22 Jan 2015, 6:37 AM
I don't know of a site like that myself. Perhaps you can rent server space at a hosting company and set up something for yourself. Alternatively, Sencha's Fiddle doesn't meet all of your criteria but is a great place for testing code.