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19 Feb 2015, 4:35 AM
Lately, release notes doesn't mentions many different commits.

We are all developers right? How am I suppose to work with complex framework like Ext JS if I don't have access to GIT, JIRA, and have no relevant release notes?

Where is the respect or cooperation here?

I'm an enterprise customer, the one that is happy to pay more than 5 licenses, and don't care about the cost. What I have problem with is that Sencha is not enterprise grade in the way they work, they are like a new start-up but usually start-up care a lot about their customer and give them more than average, it's not the case here.

Maybe Sencha has good intentions but just has no management skills, and not good listener?

Below are all the different commits without release note mentions:

position: function(pos, zIndex, x, y) {
var me = this;

if (me.dom.tagName !== 'BODY') {
if (!pos && me.isStyle(POSITION, STATIC)) {
} else if (pos) {
me.setStyle(POSITION, pos);
if (zIndex) {
me.setStyle(ZINDEX, zIndex);
if (x || y) {
me.setXY([x || false, y || false]);


if (options) {
associated = options.associated;
if (associated === undefined) {
options.associated = deep;
clear = true;
} else if (!deep) {
options.associated = false;
clear = true;
opts = options;
} else {
opts = deep ? me._getAssociatedOptions: me._getNotAssociatedOptions;
if (clear) {
options.associated = associated;
clear = false;
delete record.$gathering;

delete item.$gathering;
} else {
opts = options || me._getAssociatedOptions;
if (options && options.associated === undefined) {
opts.associated = true;
itemData = item.getData(opts);


} else if (!template || Ext.isPrimitive(template) || Ext.isFunction(template)) {

19 Feb 2015, 11:39 AM
The change to the position method was omitted from the release notes because it was an internal ticket raise and was not likely to affect any customers.

The association change is listed:

EXTJS-16505 Model getData does not pass options (serialize/changes etc) when getting associated data

The template change:

EXTJS-16794 ObjectTemplate applies empty object to null values in template

Taken from

19 Feb 2015, 2:36 PM
Both EXTJS-16505 and EXTJS-16794 were listed at least starting with ext- but code about them modified or added in ext-