View Full Version : ExtJs Scrollable Item Container (like Touch dataview.List)

20 Feb 2015, 1:42 PM
Is there a component that I missed that is similar to the Touch Ext.dataview.List?

I would like to create a similar container that:

Can have line items respect XTemplate rules.
Can be tied to a store.
Can perform infinite scrolling without knowing the total record count (e.g. when no records are returned, scrolling stops) by using the store for server-side queries for pages of data.
Can show an loading indicator as queries are performed.
Ties into ExtJs themes.
I looked at the grid, but it has a lot of markup and overhead to create a cycloptic table (single column), and its infinite scrolling requires a total record count.


23 Feb 2015, 12:25 PM
Instead of using the grid and its overhead, I found the Ext.view.AbstractView suits my needs right now. I'll need to override the selection part (because the "disableSelection" configuration option does not stop the blue box from appearing over the first item when clicking or tapping on the items within the view).

I want to implement the concept of "infinite scrolling", which works without a hitch when emulating a touch device.

onScrollend: function (scroller, x, y) {

if (y >= scroller.getMaxPosition().y)

However, when using a desktop browser with no emulation, it jumps to the top of the list when Ext.store.nextPage is called. Anyone with an idea why this happens?