View Full Version : Performance Issue while adding number(>50) of panels in IE11 EXTJS 4.2.1

9 Mar 2015, 6:35 AM
Have a requirement where I need to add the panels dynamically when user selects Select All from the grid. Once user clicks on Select All I am selecting the records one by one in the grid and adding the panels. But if the number of records reaches >50 it is hanging in IE11. I know that panel is heavy compared to other components. But I need to provide close option for each and every individual panel. The panel contains a text input and few check boxes. In Chrome it is working fine. Does IE 11 have any performance issues with EXT JS 4.2.1? Please suggest how to overcome this issue.

10 Mar 2015, 2:09 AM
Run it through the profiler. IE 11 has a pretty good profiler.

Anything you can do to batch operations will help. Don't do anything one-by-one if you can help it. Suspending layouts is always a good place to start but you may get similar benefits from batching the adding and rendering phases too.

I would suggest that using 50 panels is too many to expect decent performance but you might get away with it if your IE support only extends as far as IE 11. You should also consider performance on low-end hardware. Personally I think I'd just go with faking it with a bit of simple markup, perhaps using a DataView. You can't really justify using a whole panel just because you need a clickable element to close it.