View Full Version : IntelliJ Plugin with Packages

9 Apr 2015, 6:20 PM
1) +1 for the "Sencha ExtJS Plugin Feedback" link in the IntelliJ Help Menu. Nice attention to detail.
2) +1 for the plugin itself. Yeah, I'm seeing quirks, but so what. In six months, my life is gonna be so much easier.

And now my issue...

I'm working on a package, and I'm not sure support is fully baked yet? When I refactor, I'm getting issues where the namespace is rewritten with the package name. Is there something I need to do to further configure my package?

The fact that I can create a workspace and create an app using the plugin, but I can't create a package... tells me that packages aren't quite ready yet?

Looking forward to the day when they are ;-)

9 Apr 2015, 6:54 PM
New package creation will be supported shortly. The plugin currently assumes the package name should be the root namespace, but I'm seeing that this may be an overly aggressive assumption. I've filed a ticket to change refactoring to preserve the existing root namespace. Stay tuned, shouldn't be long.