View Full Version : Ext 1.0 - Alpha2 - Bug in column resize

6 Mar 2007, 2:06 PM
Hi all,

using this example:


1. Try to lock all columns: the whole grid will disappear
2. Try to resize columns trying to put a very very small size....

To create the bug 1:
- Lock all the columns one-by-one using the context menu of the column header (right-click)
once you lock the last column the grid disappear.

To create the bug 2:
- Resize the column 'title' as smallest you can but dragging the mouse out of the column title (i.e. move the mouse till you reach the column author header). You will see the grid headers not correctly rendered. The bug is 'worst' in case you have some locked columns.


6 Mar 2007, 5:43 PM
Locking all columns isn't really a likely scenario. So, while your steps to reproduce certainly produce an undesirable effect, I wouldn't classify it as a bug.

I'll further bug #2 by saying that there's a script error thrown when dragging and you release the mousebutton while the cursor is beyond the left edge of the column header. Firefox doesn't throw a JS error, but the split bars get all oddly placed.

7 Mar 2007, 3:13 AM
I already replied to your other post in the Alpha forum. Please look there.