View Full Version : [OPEN] Animation in tree not working anymore with a fixed height

19 May 2015, 6:46 AM
An animated tree is not animated if its height is set.

Here is a sample of a non-animated tree that should be : https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/86i

Note that if you remove the "height: 150" it is animated.

Gary Schlosberg
19 May 2015, 9:28 AM
Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

20 May 2015, 8:12 AM
The animation doesn't work with the official Ext JS 5.1.1 examples in the API Doc: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/5.1/5.1.1-apidocs/#!/api/Ext.tree.Panel-cfg-animate

(http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/5.1/5.1.1-apidocs/#!/api/Ext.tree.Panel-cfg-animate)That was working in, then broke just after. If I had git access I would tell you the line number...

26 Jun 2015, 5:28 AM
Thanks for reporting this. I also find it is happening when used in a border layout east/west region where I have set a width but not a height. (Looking at the dom, a height gets added to the div representing this tree control - I don't know if that is related). Is there an ETA on this, or has anyone figured a workaround in the meanwhile?

Update: ignore - I just saw a link to the actual defect where a workaround is listed...

29 Oct 2015, 7:03 AM
for me works such workaround:
height: '300px'
instead of
height: 300