View Full Version : How to make a docked bottom toolbar stay behind other panels when absolute position?

9 Jun 2015, 7:12 PM
I have a panel with absolute layout that contains sub panels. Each of these sub panels has a bottom toolbar with icons. See screenshot. The sub panels are draggable and positionable.


The bottom bar of each sub panel is showing on top of a panel that is otherwise "on top" of it. I have tried all sorts of combinations of setting z-index but cant work this out. In the screen shot you can see that panel 333 has been dragged on top of "New role" and "Role 1". The 333 header and bbar are on top of the other panels. BUT, the "Role 1" pink toolbar is on top of "333" body text.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to get "Role 1" pink toolbar to stay behind 333 body, just as the "New role" header, body and bbar is behind 333.


Gary Schlosberg
10 Jun 2015, 2:34 PM
Looks like a bug, though I haven't been able to find an existing report of this. Are you able to recreate this in a Fiddle?