View Full Version : xhr.open() shows Status Exception: DOMException

22 Jun 2015, 5:57 AM
I am using Sencha to build mobile app, my app works fine in Chrome and FireFox, but when i created APK file using Sencha and Cordova build process and debug the app, i am getting incorrect behavior on line xhr.open(requestOptions.method, requestOptions.url, async); i am using GapDebug to debug the code. i am using XMLHttpRequest. also xhr.send() do nothing no server code hits and no response i can trace. Can anyone help me how i can get ride of this issue.
Following values i am getting on trace log of xhr.open() line.

onabort: null
onerror: null
onload: null
onloadend: null
onloadstart: null
onprogress: null
onreadystatechange: null
ontimeout: null
readyState: 1
response: ""
responseText: ""
responseType: ""
responseXML: null
status: [Exception: DOMException]
statusText: [Exception: DOMException]
timeout: 0
upload: XMLHttpRequestUpload
withCredentials: false
__proto__: XMLHttpRequest

Please advise.