View Full Version : [OPEN] Moder Ext.Video only plays once in iPOD Safari or iPhone 6 Chrome

23 Jun 2015, 5:03 PM
This guy, in it's basic usage form:


In all other platforms I tested it works fine.

In iPOD (not PAD, POD, yes they're making a comeback), and iPhone 6 Chrome (Safari too i'm sure), you can only play the video once. After you exit it, you will not be able to play the video again.

Not sure if relevant, but I have a "card" layout on my main container, and the video part is implemented here:

* Media "navigator" shown when media "strip" is clicked in MPI
Ext.define('MPI.view.Media', {
extend: 'Ext.Container',
xtype: 'mpimedia',
baseCls: 'mpimedia',

requires: [

layout: 'fit',

items: [{
xtype: 'video',
url: "resources/video.mp4",
posterUrl: 'resources/images/thumb-video.jpg'
xtype: 'container',
cls: 'mpimedia-bottom',
docked: 'bottom',
items: [{
xtype: 'xtwidget',
cls: 'info',
html: '<table><tbody><tr>' +
'<td><div>DATE</div><div>5-5-2015</div></td>' +
'<td><div>TIME</div><div>3:06PM</div></td>' +
'<td><div>HANG TAG</div><div>A485</div></td>' +
'<td><div>RO#</div><div>57489798</div></td>' +
'<td><div>TECH</div><div>#586</div></td>' +
'<td><div>ADVISOR</div><div>#357 Bill Sanchez</div></td>' +
xtype: 'mediastrip'
xtype: 'button',
text: 'Delete'
xtype: 'selectfield',
options: [
{text: 'Print', value: 'first'},
{text: 'Second Option', value: 'second'},
{text: 'Third Option', value: 'third'}
xtype: 'xtwidget',
cls: 'clear-floats'

Gary Schlosberg
24 Jun 2015, 5:42 AM
Thanks for the report. Looks like this one is being tracked as EXTJS-17336.