View Full Version : responsive tab panels bleeding into one another

19 Jul 2015, 3:59 PM
Hi guys:

I'm not sure if this is a weird bug.
I've used the generated app template as a base for my code.

Each of my tab panels has a grid, besides the home panel (which is the 1st panel).

When I shrink the browser such that the menu bar docks from the left to the top I can see the grid of the next tab panel bleed into the bottom of the current tab panel.

Here is an example of my home panel and the user grid from the next panel is bleeding in.


and when I click on my user's panel, the grid from the next panel is bleeding in.


This bug is consistent across all browsers I've tested - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera with no error output in the console.

It seems to correct itself after I switch between panels a few times, so I'm guessing an update layout isn't been called somewhere?

This bleeding problem doesn't happen when the menu is on the left hand side.

I can make available a runnable sample if required to debug this issue.