View Full Version : Enable scrolling in Disabled grid

28 Jul 2015, 9:18 AM

I have some data in a grid where there are both scroll bar used to see the data.
I have disable the grid but i want the scroll bars to be enabled so user can see the data by scrolling.

Any suggestion ?

If this is not possible then i need to disable the individual controls, which includes records selection, row expander plugin, sorting, resizing. and i am not sure how to disable all these with respect to grid, i have to go column by column to do this ?


30 Jul 2015, 6:58 AM
When you disable the grid, it will be masked (a <div> will be placed over it) which captures things like click and scroll so technically the grid is never unscrollabled. :)

I personally haven't had to disable the row expander to see if the disable method has any affect on it. I don't see it checking the disabled property in the toggleRow method.

The selection model doesn't have a disable method there either. You can either add logic to it to support disabling or add logic to the grid to return false in a beforeselect event listener.

For the columns, you can disable the header container which will then mask the columns like it did with the grid. That way any clicks over it will not work.