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30 Jul 2015, 5:15 AM
It is my pleasure to announce that Ext JS 4.2.4 is available for download. This is a support subscriber only release. To download it, please visit the Support Portal (https://support.sencha.com).

The updated API documentation for Ext JS 4.2.4 is available online (http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.4/).

Release Notes:

Release Date: July 30, 2015
Version Number:

New Features

Total: 0

Bugs Fixed

Animation (2)

EXTJS-11596 slideIn/slideOut positions element incorrectly
EXTJS-5487 accordion animation doesn't always complete if you click frequently

App (1)

EXTJS-11684 The global domain listener doesn't catch idle events from controller.listen()

Button (1)

EXTJS-11579 Disabled buttons have cursor: default on the inner btn element, not the outer

Charts (6)

EXTJS-11852 Legacy scatter chart does not properly handle filtered store
EXTJS-15310 Columns are not placed correctly over time axis
EXTJS-15480 Legacy charts exceptions when more than one Gauge series is present
EXTJS-15493 Legacy chart destroys surface twice
EXTJS-18645 Charts Kitchen Sink - charts not visible - IE7
EXTJS-9615 Pie chart legend item does not change to bold on mouse over in IE8

Cmd (1)

EXTJS-17741 Cannot override initComponent of Ext.form.field.Base when using ext-all.js

Core (7)

EXTJS-11672 Panel's starting X Y offset calculated incorrectly when rendered to a div and constrained
EXTJS-15737 IE11 detection fails when adjusting UA to lower version
EXTJS-15743 IE8 view.getNodes returns empty array
EXTJS-16442 Date regex for 'y' accepts single digit year
EXTJS-16466 Dates that cannot be parsed return undefined instead of null
EXTJS-16804 Scrollbar height miscalculated upon treepanel w/ bufferered renderer treestore load
EXTJS-9456 toQueryString doesn't decode + as space

Data (5)

EXTJS-12925 Filter no longer sent in request for association models
EXTJS-15822 Calling removeAll on a grouped grid throws an exception
EXTJS-16388 Buffered Store does not execute callback for empty data set or on error
EXTJS-16824 When using inline, linear data, tree store load() throws error
EXTJS-9529 Single model load width empty result array throws exception

Direct (1)

EXTJS-14843 API functions not resolved when both api and directFn configs are used

Draw (1)

EXTJS-14038 Dynamically adding instantiated sprites to draw container throws an error - legacy charts

Events (1)

EXTJS-13266 LoadMask class should check its hierarchy state before hiding and showing

Examples (10)

EXTJS-12822 ListFilter's store is not synced with the grid store
EXTJS-14674 KS - Grids - Grid Plugins - Special columns shouldn't inherit any background or images
EXTJS-14785 Page Analyzer does not work with apps using Ext4 sandbox
EXTJS-16956 Ext.ux.event.Player does get the speed when events are being played
EXTJS-17906 Infinite Scroll Grid Tuner Example throws Cannot read property 'createChild' of undefined
EXTJS-18519 Wrongly displayed pie chart when smaller parts of it are highlighted
EXTJS-18552 Wrong position of images in Resizer example IE quirks mode
EXTJS-18647 Hiding and showing headers doesn't update view when using buffered rendering
EXTJS-9199 Theme Example Has a Broken link, Needs Copy update
EXTJS-9211 Filter UX does not work with buffered store

Forms (16)

EXTJS-12364 selectOnFocus does not work on firefox
EXTJS-13127 Remotely loading grid combo editor doesn't reset editor inputEl dom value if interrupted during load.
EXTJS-13331 Form action callbacks should verify that the form is not destroyed
EXTJS-14638 ComboBox AutoComplete selection lost
EXTJS-15102 Textfields configured with grow do not shrink
EXTJS-15160 Textarea field editor no longer propagating enter key mousedown
EXTJS-15204 Filefield allows user to enter text
EXTJS-15231 HtmlEditor in IE11 behaves incorrectly with Enter key
EXTJS-15384 Ext.form.Labelable.labelableRenderTpl contains a typo
EXTJS-15645 Datefield Picker lost on month/year click (worked in 4.2.2 broke in 4.2.3)
EXTJS-16053 Combo with forceSelection doesn't always force selection.
EXTJS-16766 Multiselect combo should not deselect prior selections on container click
EXTJS-17368 Combobox with forceSelection clears input
EXTJS-18466 ComboBox remembers cleared value
EXTJS-6398 Collapsed fieldset in v/hbox does not layout properly
EXTJS-9943 Form submit does not properly handle a "target" that is a reference to the target iframe

Grid (42)

EXTJS-10378 Wrong cellEditing context after preventing editing from beforecomplete event
EXTJS-10422 TableView refresh method + grid with buffered store problem
EXTJS-10529 Cell Editing: onEditComplete shouldn't automatically focus the gridview
EXTJS-10889 Hiding and showing group headers are not refreshing the view
EXTJS-11661 Stateful grouped headers cause layout error when toggling hidden state on group
EXTJS-11669 Resizing a combo's boundlist fails when the combo is a celleditor
EXTJS-11885 Last grouped header doesn't align with its data column after being moved out of its group
EXTJS-12752 CellEditing plugin stops working when within a collapsed container
EXTJS-13408 Reconfiguring a locking grid doesn't shrinkwrap its columns if there is a checkbox column
EXTJS-14063 CellEditing copies edited value to another cell
EXTJS-14353 Cell selection model keeps old cell selected when starting a new edit
EXTJS-14420 Checkbox column toggles wrong row when using the CellEditing plugin
EXTJS-14870 Hidden nested group headers are shown when its group is shown
EXTJS-15047 Scope isn't properly set when column uses a default renderer
EXTJS-15155 Column editor configured as textarea has top of editor hidden under column header
EXTJS-15190 Issues with stateful grid on grouping
EXTJS-15265 tableview will have incorrect column widths when configured with RowBody plus another feature or plugin
EXTJS-15284 Moving a header to the locked partner of a locking grid will break if there are no current items in the locked partner's headerCt
EXTJS-15316 Cell editor completes edit and loses focus with autosync: true in IE
EXTJS-15416 Editor is not fully completing its edit
EXTJS-15510 Grid reconfigure is not binding the store to the view
EXTJS-15516 Grid items not selectable on buffered store
EXTJS-15532 Cell editor is repositioned within a floating component when it's dragged
EXTJS-15599 Filters Feature should not recreate filters defined in feature config when reconfiguring
EXTJS-15607 Checkbox column doesn't appear when grid is configured without any locked columns
EXTJS-15880 Textarea used as an editor completes edit on enter
EXTJS-16408 Grid filter styling is not applied to filtered grouped grid header
EXTJS-16976 grid.reconfigure with a buffered store does not display data
EXTJS-17025 Cell editors in same row do not become activated on click when another cell editor is already active
EXTJS-17151 RowEditor isValid() method overwritten with boolean value
EXTJS-17440 Textarea cell editor jumps when growing and typing
EXTJS-17577 Grouped headers do not display after moving columns and restoring state
EXTJS-18514 Error in console after locking a column - Big Data Grid
EXTJS-18515 A subheader in a group cannot be shown if all subheaders are hidden
EXTJS-18516 Error in console when reordering columns in Treegrid and Filtered Tree example
EXTJS-18518 Incorrect scroller height when store filtered with 0 results
EXTJS-18540 Locked grid header should not be visible
EXTJS-18550 Error in console - when reordering columns - infinite scrolling example
EXTJS-18640 Locking partner isn't syncing to its partner in a locked grid
EXTJS-9425 Error on Grouped Grid with Remote Summary when empty
EXTJS-9546 remoteRoot in summary feature does not work by itself but only with grouping
EXTJS-9953 Stateful locking grid does not restore column state for columns with a stateId config

Layouts (3)

EXTJS-14947 scrollable viewport with anchor layout does not account for scrollbar width when sizing children
EXTJS-8825 Using align: 'stretch' on a toolbar with overflow causes layout exception.
EXTJS-9843 Ext.cache leak in Table Layout

Locale (1)

EXTJS-15425 12-hour time format period labels are incorrect for Swedish locale

Misc (1)

EXTJS-16762 Ext.view.DragZone.onValidDrop callParent missing arguments

Panel (2)

EXTJS-12476 Sizing panel from top border does not resize panel correctly
EXTJS-9505 collapseMode: 'mini' misbehaves in west/north regions (webkit)

Selection Model (1)

EXTJS-15328 cell selection model doesn't select on right click

Tabs (3)

EXTJS-10366 TabPanel does not update tab glyph on glyphchange event
EXTJS-10367 TabPanel does not remove all listeners from item on remove
EXTJS-6093 setActiveTab and activate event not fired when tabs are added via the loader config

Theme (1)

EXTJS-17374 Toolbar footer border-width is incorrect

ToolTips (1)

EXTJS-12482 QuickTip isn't shown when interceptTitles is configured

Tree (6)

EXTJS-12572 setRootNode for tree repeatedly will cause memory to grow
EXTJS-15013 The nodestore does not drop removed nodes on reload
EXTJS-16600 setRootNode for tree repeatedly will cause memory to grow
EXTJS-17494 Reloading store of a buffered rendered locked tree panel randomizes scroll position and may not render rows
EXTJS-18676 Locked tree panel missing header when locked side grid panel is collapsed
EXTJS-9256 rootVisible: false causes a javascript error if tree store proxy is defined without a url

Window (5)

EXTJS-14076 Window position moves upwards after restore
EXTJS-15448 Window does not remember H/W if percent is used
EXTJS-16330 Window does not restore to defined size percentages
EXTJS-16936 Window in center region of boderlayout looks off center when there is a west region
EXTJS-17756 incorrect mask if dragging win while another modal win popup

Total: 118

Known Issues

Charts (1)

EXTJS-10739 RTL Charts do not correctly display bidirectional text

Layouts (1)

EXTJS-4768 Border Layout : regions overlap when size (or size constraint) won't allow all regions to fit container

Total: 2