View Full Version : [FIXED] Tree view drag drop messes editing

4 Aug 2015, 3:33 AM
Ext version tested:

Ext 6.0.0, nightly
Browser versions tested against:


When tree is configured with treeviewdragdrop plugin, editors complete edit on click in editor field (while it should not do that)
Steps to reproduce the problem:

click on last record in second column to start edit
click on spinner to increase value -> value increased, editor closed
click on same place again, hover mouse over spinner -> value begin increasing

7 Aug 2015, 12:23 AM
I found a reason: clicks inside editor are also handled by the view.
So view#handleEvent (http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.0/6.0.0-classic/source/View3.html#Ext-view-View-method-handleEvent) method will call getTarget on element, and that getTarget will traverse dom and will reach the view, because editor is now moved inside grid cell. Since item is found - event is handled by the view. In ext5 getTarget couldn't find view item, because editor was rendered completely outside.

19 Aug 2015, 6:20 AM
Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.