View Full Version : Tab Index not working for HTML Editor

6 Aug 2015, 12:04 PM
I am using tabIndex property to shuffle between various fields and buttons on my form. Everything seems to be working fine except for the htmleditor. I am defining it as follows.

xtype: 'htmleditor',
enableAlignments: false,
enableColors: false,
enableFont: false,
enableFontSize: false,
enableFormat: false,
enableLinks: false,
enableLists: false,
enableSourceEdit: false,
autoScroll: true,
name: 'body',
itemId: 'body',
margin: '0 0 5 0'

When I click the tab button on the previous button, the control never comes to the htmlEditor part. No idea on where the tab goes. This seems to be an issue only on IE. It works fine on firefox. Can anyone please let me know how to fix this issue.


27 Aug 2015, 1:39 PM
What version of the framework are you using? Can you provide a fiddle (https://fiddle.sencha.com) demonstrating the issue so I can work with you on resolving this?