View Full Version : Store load order basics: simple question?

1 Sep 2015, 8:45 AM
We have a layout with a list view (at the bottom) and a detail form view (on the top). The form has several comboboxes, some of which need to be filtered based on entries in other comboboxes. When the list view is loaded, the topmost item is selected automatically and the top form is populated appropriately.
In general, in what order should the various stores be loaded? The top views combo stores or the list view store? If the top combo stores are to be loaded first, how to know when to load the list view store (when all the top combos have loaded).

Just a basic best practice question. Right now, we are reloading combos many times, and I think we are just generally lucky that the timing works out okay. I would ideally like to only load the stores a single time.

Help appreciated. Thanks in advance!

1 Sep 2015, 10:51 AM

The best practice for the "order" in which your stores are loaded is going to be heavily dictated by the requirements of your application. But on a more fundamental level, part of the "best practice" of development within your app will be structuring the workflow in such a way that the various parts can respond appropriately in all situations to the asynchronous nature of loading stores remotely with data.