View Full Version : Add Menu item on grid menu

28 Sep 2015, 8:39 AM
Hello comunity,

This thread is related to Subrion which uses ExtJs 3.
I want to add custom menu item in grid, what it actually does is: Shows all posts or just posts published by logged in administrator.
I've founded solutions around the internet f.e. this : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10348581/add-a-custom-button-in-column-header-dropdown-menus-extjs-4

b (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10348581/add-a-custom-button-in-column-header-dropdown-menus-extjs-4)ut that example is written on ExtJs 4 and doesn't work on ExtJs 3. I'm Junior PHP developer, so it's really hard to understand what's going on in JS code. So please help me. Any assistance is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.