View Full Version : Grid is disappeared only in "IE11 & Enterprise Mode"

7 Dec 2015, 4:31 PM
Whenever clicking other tab, grid(iframe) is disappeared.
The Error doesn't happened in IE9, IE11.
But only in "IE11" & "Enterprise Mode", the error happened.
( In Properties menu with mouse-right-click at the location of iframe before disappearing, I can catch "iframe.htm". But after disappearing, I cannot catch "iframe.htm". )
1. IF clicking left menu "OrderRate1", tab"OrderRate1" is added on the top of page and "OrderRate1" page is displayed.
2. And then..IF clicking left menu "OrderRate2", tab"OrderRate2" is added on the top of page and "OrderRate2" page is displayed.
3. In this status, when clicking the tab"OrderRate1", all data of the iframe of the tab is disappeared.
If adding "<!DOCTYPE HTML>" on upper-side of "<html>", this error is cleared.
But page is broken and CSS file has to be updated.
So is there any other solution ?

1) version : extjs 4.2.1
2) frame.htm
// arguments[0] => PAGE_ID
// arguments[1] => TITLE
// arguments[2] => URL
function lf_addtab(){
3) mm_grid.htm
<body id = "LblockHeader" onload = "lf_init()">
<form name = "form1" method = "post">
<div class="vboxWrap">
<div class="vboxTable">
<!--- grid area -------------------------------------------------------------------->
<div class="gridWrap">
<iframe src = "#" id = "CONTENTS_1" name = 'CONTENTS_1' frameborder = "0" width = "100%" height = "478" scrolling = "no" marginheight = "0"
marginwidth = "0"></iframe>

Gary Schlosberg
8 Dec 2015, 4:32 PM
I'm afraid IE compatibility modes are not supported in Ext JS. Also, Ext JS 4.2.2 was the first version to support IE11. Ext JS 4.2.1 was released before IE11.