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8 Apr 2016, 9:24 PM
I have a combination of Column and Line chart as a single chart, my line data varies with quite a large range i.e. Column min: 0 and max: 500 whereas Line Min: 1000 and max: 7000

I am plotting my line data on Y axis as this will be bigger number but now problem I am facing here is that my Y axis range does't starts from 0 rather it starts from 1000 or my line minimum value. I have tried supplying setting value for min max like below;

{ type:"Numeric", position:"left",fields:"myField",title:"Hours", minimum: 0, maximum: 7000 }

Is there any way we can force chart to start from 0 rather than y axis minimum value.

I am using Ext 4.2, any help in this regard will be appreciated.


Gary Schlosberg
11 Apr 2016, 8:32 AM
Setting the minimum on the axis is the way to do it. So your line and column series are on the same Y axis?