View Full Version : creating tabs

25 Oct 2006, 1:49 PM
when i add 2 YAHOO.ext.ContentPanel() BorderLayout create tabpanel, end if i delete one of them tabpanel dissapears.
i tried to trace where is the check or smth like that to make tabpanel visible if 1 tab added or if 1 tab remains, but cant find the place if lies..

can you help or say what to add to do that?

25 Oct 2006, 4:24 PM
It's in the coming beta release already as a config option "alwaysShowTabs:true". Hopefully tomorrow if I can get my example completed. :)

27 Oct 2006, 3:48 AM

is posible to align tabls to right

and can this be done simple - like we can swith 'top' - ' bottom tabs

27 Oct 2006, 9:24 AM
I haven't tested this but I dont see why it wouldn't work. You can change the float of the tabs in the CSS:

#your-container-id .tabset li {
float: right;