View Full Version : Toolbar Button Widths

7 Apr 2008, 8:58 AM
This seems like one of those questions with an obvious answer. I just need a way to change the width of a button in a toolbar. I've tried minWidth:16, style:"width:16px;", and bodyStyle:"width:16px" inside the toolbar button configurations, but they don't seem to have any effect. I also placed iconCls:"x-btn-text-icon" into the configs and that made the 16 pixel button size correctly, but it also forced the 30px button to remain at 16px.

Any ideas?

collabToolbar = new Ext.Toolbar({
style: "background: transparent url(${contextPath}/themes/deepblue/port_analysis_icon_tab_bg.gif) repeat-x scroll right top;",
items: [{
icon: "${contextPath}/icons/document_refresh.png",
iconCls: "x-btn-text-icon",
alt: "<fmt:message key='cr.document.refreshdocuments'/>",
tooltip: "<fmt:message key='cr.document.refreshdocuments'/>",
id: "refresh_id"
icon: "${contextPath}/icons/document_add.png",
iconCls: "x-btn-text-icon",
alt: "<fmt:message key='cr.document.adddocuments'/>",
tooltip: "<fmt:message key='cr.document.adddocuments'/>",
id: "adddocuments_id"