View Full Version : Ext 2.0 - single file - base64 export for user scripts

14 Apr 2008, 12:12 AM
Not an extension, but you may find it handy.

I've encoded all the images ressources in base64, put them directy into the css, then encoded the css and put it in 'ext-all.js'. And finally, wrote a few lines to auto-embed the css : the result is a one file version of ext which can be used for opera or greasemonkey user script.

The zip archive contains :
- ext-all_base64.css (default blue theme) 406 ko
- ext-all_auto-embed_base64.js (contains ext_all, base adapter and the css with ressources embed, you'll generally only need this file) 1072 ko

I know it's heavy, but it's not meant to be used online.

You can download it here :

Have fun, coding your user scripts.

PS : one advice, when you use firebug DO NOT use the css tab. Firebug seems to have trouble handling large base64 encoded stylesheets and crash after a few seconds freeze.