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18 Sep 2016, 6:54 PM
With the early access of Sencha Architect 4.0.0 (can't remember its build number now) I was able to build my apps fine, but now since the official release (build 168, I presume) my built apps fail to load. They're trying to load ".js" (i.e., a file with no name and an extension only), and I get this error in the dev tools console:

(index):50 GET http://localhost/ENS/BuiltSite/.js?_dc=20160919124127 404 (Not Found)fetch @ (index):50fetch @ (index):58loadSync @ (index):61load @ (index):61loadEntries @ (index):54processRequest @ (index):48loadSync @ (index):48load @ (index):48loadScripts @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1load @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1require @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1syncRequire @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1(anonymous function) @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1create @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1instantiateByAlias @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1create @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1e.dataIdentifier @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1initIdentifier @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1(anonymous function) @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1triggerExtended @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1B @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1(anonymous function) @ app.js?_dc=20160919124127:1
VM563:3 Uncaught TypeError: c is not a constructor

This is line 50 of the generated index.html (assuming this is the location of the error above), though it doesn't look like there's much use in trying to read it:

e)},createLoadOrderMap:function(b){return l.prototype.createLoadOrderMap(b)},fetch:function(b,a,d,c){c=void 0===c?!!a:c;var h=new XMLHttpRequest,m,g,l,n=!1,r=function(){h&&4==h.readyState&&(g=1223===h.status?204:0!==h.status||"file:"!==(self.location||{}).protocol&&"ionp:"!==(self.location||{}).protocol?h.status:200,l=h.responseText,m={content:l,status:g,exception:n},a&&a.call(d,m),h.onreadystatechange=f,h=null)};c&&(h.onreadystatechange=r);try{h.open("GET",b,c),h.send(null)}catch(q){return n=q,r(),

Where can I start looking to find out why it's now trying to load a nameless script? Thanks.

18 Sep 2016, 8:47 PM
What do I change to turn off the minification of the generated app.js? If I could read the source of the offending line in its original form it might give me more clues, but I can't recall how to turn this off. Sencha Architect needs a checkbox somewhere to allow us to quickly turn this off or on during development, without having to hunt around for some text file to edit (which I do so rarely that I forget what to edit every time).

19 Sep 2016, 4:47 AM
Production build configuration do the minification compared to Testing configuration. Try to use the Testing environment in the build settings, see the screenshots:


19 Sep 2016, 2:57 PM
I found the cause of the problem (or one of the possible causes on the path to solving this one). It's complaining about Ext.data.identifier.Negative, which I've started talking about here (https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?328815-How-do-you-disable-compression)

(I may not have updated my IIS virutal to point to the testing build output directory before, so that was my bad)

19 Sep 2016, 7:37 PM
Problem sorted. Solution posted to my other thread