View Full Version : Bug in example : "Photo Organizer w/ Tree"

13 Mar 2007, 8:39 AM
in a3r4, there's a bug with the example : "Photo Organizer w/ Tree" (tested in Firefox - no cache - not tested in IE)
To reproduce it :
- drag the first photo to the first album (dance_fever.jpg in "Album 1")
- double click to edit the name of the dropped photo
- while in the edition of the photo name, click several time on "new album" button
:arrow: the name of the dropped photo takes the name of the newly created album

It's not a problem, as it's only an example, but, as I cannot see why it's behaving like that, I hope it's not a nasty hidden bug in the Ext core :?

edit : tested in IE, same behaviour...